PHP & MySQL Development

PHP script is the obvious choice of web developers for building dynamic web pages. PHP is widely used open source general-purpose language most suited for building dynamically generated web pages. As an alternative to ASP scripting, PHP offers many benefits over and above the .NET platform. PHP is also part of the most famous and popular LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Using LAMP as well as the combination of PHP and other technologies, we can offer you the following services.

As opposed to the Microsoft proprietary .NET platform (which supports scripting languages like C# and VB.NET), PHP is the open source language (hence free). Ideal for creating dynamically generated web pages, PHP is also an important part of the LAMP bundle. The LAMP architecture has become popular in the web industry as a way of deploying web applications.

PHP application development is an integral part of our total service package. PHP can be best used with other tools to create different types of applications as needed. Our PHP developers therefore use JavaScript with PHP for building dynamic and interactive applications like calculations, pop-up windows, web counters and navigation systems. Using Ajax with PHP, we can develop Web 2.0 Rich Media Applications for a more fulfilling, user-friendly internet experience. We use MySQL (a component of the LAMP stake) along with PHP for building applications that are highly database driven.

The technology in today’s world is endlessly changing. It is important to maintain team that is well attentive to the latest technology and can run the maintenance activities accordingly. PHP Website Development is developed in open source, cost effective and largely used for developing dynamic database driven website.